Who are we?

We are a team of dedicated designers, developers and analysts who see the future in crypto-colors. We maintain a number of crypto related projects which have the goal of promoting the cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology into the mainstream adoption.

Our projects

Our Projects

Dynamica Payment

As we believe in the worldwide adoption of cryptocurrencies, we are also in process of creating the payment system that would enable small and large businesses to receive crypto without having to own it. For each crypto transaction the business makes we provide equivalent cash by the current price on the markets. This way we hope to make adoption faster as it is extremely hard to make business use crypto in some cases.

Dynamica Hedgefund

If you are an investor wondering how to best put your money to use in cryptocurrency world, you need to look no more. Our hedge fund takes care of your investments in the best possible ways. We invest in mix of currencies and crypto-related startups with some additional hedges for the least risk available. We use data mining and machine learning technology to make our investment decisions, so there is always a rationale behind every transaction we make.

Dynamica Data-Mining

Keeping track of all coins, ICOs and news is not an easy job in this evergrowing field. That's why we created dynamica data mining platform, where you can make custom filters and newsfeeds that fit your needs. We provide news from a variety of sources, including the social platforms like Twitter and Reddit. If you are a hedge fund or even individual looking to make investment decisions based on informations, you can also subscribe to our programmatic real time news feed.

Dynamica Trader

If you want to test your trading skills in crypto, but don't have enough time on your hands, then dynamica trader is the right thing for you. It enables creating custom trading strategies that you can leave to trade automatically over night and during the day, so you can get back to your everyday business. You can also chose some of our preexisting strategies and even backtest all of them to make sure you're making the right decision.

Our team

Our Team

Faruk Mustafić CTO
Ammar Humačkić CEO
Kemal Mustafić Software Engineer
Ajdin Mujezinović Data Engineer
Lejla Keško Data Engineer
Lejla Džanko Data Engineer
Eldin Herić Product Designer
Nejra Pašić Software Engineer